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Against UX Actionism — the User Experience Universe

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Wednesday, June 5 2019
09:30 - 10:15

Every company needs a User Experience Team. So, let’s hire a UX team. Let them do their thing. Let them question things. Let them rule. Let’s change everything!

Or maybe fire them when sh*t gets real?

User Experience Teams are too often in their own little universe. They tend to see themselves as wearing a crown and leading the way. Their focus on user benefits can often lead to them forgetting about their coworkers’ needs, which can easily turn good intentions into political fights, misunderstandings, and frosty feelings.

Let’s weight the options of realizing a good user experience both inside and outside a company. How can UX thinking and acting be implemented into everyone’s head and – in the best case – eliminate the standalone UX-Team altogether?



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