Die Konferenz für digitale Professionals
webinale | 03. - 07. Juni 2019 in Berlin

A Love/Hate Relationship? On Collaboration between Designers and Developers

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One of the biggest challenges in the daily work of designers is collaboration and communication with development teams. Sometimes it seems like we speak different languages and work in completely different environments. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll find out that we have actually many things in common. By embracing our similarities instead of focusing on our differences, we can act as one team and do our best to accomplish the same goal: to create a product that customers will love. 

In my talk, I will share some tactics on improving lines of communication with developers that can be that you can implement in your work, even if you don’t know how to code. I will also share some tips for developers on how to take advantage of working with designers on a daily basis.



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