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Surviving SEO disasters

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Dienstag, 31. Mai 2022
16:00 - 16:45
Salon 2

Listen & learn from SEO catastrophes. Former senior Search Quality Googler and SEO expert Kaspar Szymanski shares 3 real life SEO disaster cases. And address your SEO questions! 
A successful luxury retail shop, a leading travel price comparison service and an international medical website – all lost nearly all their rankings in short order yet for various reasons. Former Senior Search Googler and SEO expert Kaspar Szymanski sheds light on 3 real life SEO disaster cases. Join the session, learn which missteps precipitated and ultimately triggered the SERP debacles. And find out how to avoid an SEO meltdown. Key Take-aways:
•    What’s the difference between algorithms and manual penalties?
•    How do they impact websites?
•    How to deal with algorithms and manual penalties?
•    How to future-proof a website?

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