Die Konferenz für digitale Professionals
webinale | 30. Mai – 3. Juni 2022 in Berlin oder Online

AI and Design: Why AI is Your Creative Partner

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Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2021
13:50 - 14:45

An informative, inspirational talk on how AI and its subset disciplines, machine learning, and computer vision shape the future and how designer roles, workflows, and processes will be shaped by it. It’s time to shift our mindset from a Human vs. Machine to a Human plus Machine mindset. Becoming familiar with AI will ignite new thinking and shift approaches. AI in design will be more about designing remarkable experiences, creating better products and services, and improving people’s lives. Gaining more in-depth insight into AI and its subset disciplines, designers will understand how it can help them develop great products. 

In this talk, we explore specific examples of machine learning and computer vision applications. A deeper understanding of these technologies will prompt designers to take their knowledge further and incorporate it into their daily work. Exploring new AI tools will assist them during the product development process to unleash their creativity, develop products faster, and serve their target users with more fantastic user experiences. Don’t fear AI; embrace it. AI is about "Augmented Intelligence"— extending human capabilities and unleashing our creativity. Think of AI as your creative partner because AI and you together will make you a better designer.

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