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The Love Story of UX and Agile: Making an Impact in an Agile Environment

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Thursday, June 10 2021
12:00 - 12:45

“UX slows us down!” It might seem impossible to get a thorough design process to align with a fast-paced agile environment. With the right setup and mindset, a human-centered design process can do all of this: crunch out high-quality deliverables in a two-week rhythm, provide proper research and solve in-depth problems. 

As a UX Designer embedded in an agile team I know the relentless pressure of an agile release cycle. We have to focus on polishing our handoffs and are prevented from doing actual research and improve underlaying usability problems. With DesignOps emerging, we – as a discipline – started to sharpen the value proposition of a human-centered design process to the whole product organization. 

I’ll share three steps it takes to get the best out of your UX team: better products decisions on a strategic level, importance of research and integrate the doing in an agile workflow. You’ll get new ideas on how to integrate and sell a human-centered design approach and what you can do personally to have a greater impact on the final product outcome. And if you’re the only UX designer on the team, I’ve got you covered too with some short-cuts.

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