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The Age of Assistants – Will you add a new one?

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Tuesday, December 8 2020
10:30 - 11:15

Finding the right spot for your brand in the world of voice assistants can be challenging. One essential decision is whether you build on existing platforms like Amazon Alexa or rather develop your own standalone voice assistant. Having accompanied big international companies on both sides of this journey, we evaluate criteria that can help with the decision. We look at the specific challenges and opportunities involved in the two cases: Being present on a well-established platform like Google Assistant can be a trust builder for the target group of one company but can lead to data security concerns for the target group of others, especially in the European context. Having many things already set up for developing a voice application can be a valuable advantage for some brands, but the opportunity to bring a whole new voice persona to life could be exactly the right thing for other brands. We will also have a closer look at the varying degrees of freedom in e.g. soundbranding, natural dialog design or adapting NLU technologies for both solutions. In total, we will try to gain a good understanding on how brands can best make their way into the “Age of Assistants”.

This Session originates from the archive of Diese Session stammt aus dem Archiv von BerlinBerlin . Take me to the program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von Berlin Berlin .

This Session Diese Session originates from the archive of stammt aus dem Archiv von BerlinBerlin . Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von Berlin Berlin .


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