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Design and Development Considerations for Dual Screen Devices

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Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2022
15:30 - 16:15
Salon 4

Dual-screen/foldable devices have emerged on the market, offering new and interesting opportunities as well as challenges for web designers and web and app developers. Web developers targeting foldable devices want to be able to effectively layout content in a window that spans multiple displays but the web platform currently doesn’t offer the native primitives needed for building these layouts. However, there are proposals being set forth for the web platform to provide these primitives alongside existing API proposals to help build these elevated experiences. In this talk, I’ll discuss: 

  • A history of responsive design
  • New CSS & JavaScript APIs for web layout on dual-screen devices
  • Possible scenarios that leverage dual-screen devices for an elevated and progressively enhanced user experience when it comes to a website or progressive web app
  • How building for dual-screen and foldable devices are the next step in the evolution of web layout

And I’ll demo a few dual-screen enhanced experiences as well to get you inspired for the next evolution of designing for the web!

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