Due to coronavirus pandemic: New date for webinale 2020

Every year in early summer, and usually in wonderfully sunny weather, Berlin transforms into the meeting place for product owners, web designers and frontend coders.

This year we will meet again — not in early summer, but at a later date. The coronavirus pandemic and the important contact restrictions associated with it mean we cannot hold the conference at the end of May. At the same time we care about the well-being of our attendees, speakers, sponsors and last but not least our own team; when it comes to health, no risks should be taken.

Therefore we are happy to announce a new date for webinale: December 7-11.

Your tickets will remain valid, the planned program structure will be upheld, and the content will be updated according to the new date. Nothing about the conference venue – the Berlin Maritim ProArte Hotel – will change either.

So until we can meet again in December, we hope that you, your families, and all those close to you stay healthy and hopefully get through this time full of unexpected challenges. We look forward to welcoming you back in December and then spending a fantastic webinale week with you in Berlin!

On behalf of the whole webinale team: Sebastian Meyen (Global Content Director, S&S Media Group)